Virtual Engineering Teams

What We Do

Our Virtual Engineering Teams division provides companies of all sizes unprecedented resource flexibility and value by enabling businesses to leverage our organizational expertise and access to highly trained workforce custom-fitted to match their mid- and long-term business needs.

BXGI has been offering staff augmentation services via Virtual Teams by delivering outstanding resources to a variety of clients from around the world. The vast experience and know-how we have acquired over time had enabled us to perfect a unique approach that addresses many systemic issues affecting the standard outsourcing models. By providing a flexible outsourcing model that delivers people, processes and systems which are fully scalable, BXGI is a credible alternative to some of the larger IT outsourcing providers with their rigid set of processes and the smaller providers who offer more limited services.

Our staff augmentation services are based on delivering the highest quality resources at most affordable rates achieved without many of the risks and concerns generally associated with working with offshore resources. Our services are complemented by BXGI's best-fit global delivery approach to provide the combination of value and expertise required.

Understand Client Needs

We work closely with you to understand your business priorities, resource needs, and skills requirements, so that we can build strong teams that help you succeed in your marketplace

Interview Candidates

We present a hand-picked list of pre-qualified candidates to you, allowing you to interview everyone personally over phone or video to make the final selection of your team members

Hire and Onboard

Once the team members are selected by you, we will bring them on-board, providing all of the necessary training and equipment to ensure their full integration into your environment

Monitor and Improve

We continue to monitor the work of your team members, provide ongoing feedback and necessary training while advising on further adjustments and/or improvements as needed

What We Offer

Offshore Teams

Maximize the capacity of your development team using offsite development resources located in our development centers around the world. We have perfected a unique approach supported by the internal processes and tools allowing us to fully integrate new resources into your existing development environment.

Hybrid Teams

For clients with onshore and offshore resource needs we are able to provide a cohesive suite of services allowing for the multiple development teams located throughout the world to operate in a seamlessly integrated environment while simultaneously increasing productivity and team members' cooperation.

Onshore Teams

BXGI's onshore temporary or permanent staffing capabilities can take much of the logistical hassle out of scaling your team and let you concentrate on building your business while we ensure you have the right resources wherever and whenever you need them to reach your business goals.

Virtual Engineering Teams

Maintain absolute control over each of your team members at all times including their work assignments, time-off scheduling, overtime work, training and on-boarding, promotions, and project reassignments - just like with your in-house employees.

Logistics & Support

We cover a complete range of employee-related support needs - recruiting, accounting, infrastructure, hardware, training, team building, and HR services to ensure your team members have everything they need to stay productive from day one.

Consulting Services

We work with our clients to understand their business goals, so we can create a clear vision of how to seamlessly integrate your new resources within your existing teams or introduce brand new teams into your existing environment to help meet those goals.

We build it, you rock it

Your Virtual Engineering Team is a group of top notch engineers handpicked in accordance with your unique business needs and located in one of our development centers in Eastern Europe or Latin America.

The team acts as a virtual extension of your in-house staff, guided by your business priorities and fully aligned with your company's goals and objectives.

A Reliable Turnkey Solution for a Global Delivery Model Via Virtual Engineering Teams

While no two clients are alike, many are faced with similar resource-related issues and share common business goals. And although no two engagement solutions are executed in the same way, our clients can benefit from the previous experience BXGI has accumulated over the years of establishing virtual engineering teams. Building Virual Teams of software engineers working for you from one of our Eastern European or Latin American development centers is an efficient approach to enhancing your in-house development team with top-quality professionals hired based on your unique requirements and business objectives. Our proven track record of establishing virual teams for leading enterprises across a variety of industries, guided by our "no two clients are alike" approach, has enabled us to create a robust framework ensuring successful long-term relationships with our clients.

Clients come to BXGI for proven outsourced staffing solutions delivered as cost-effectively as possible. They come to leverage our engineers’ deep industry expertise and solid technological background by establishing virtual engineering teams that enable our clients to achieve improved speed-to-market, greater efficiency, and enhanced team productivity. The Virtual Team model is a global, collaborative, and scalable approach for delivering high-value staffing and technology solutions that meet our clients’ needs and objectives.

Why Choose Us We love to make things easy for our clients, so here are a few good reasons to choose BXGI as the partner for all of your staffing needs.

We sweat the details

We handle all of the technical, logistical and legal aspects of recruiting and onboarding your team, and house them in our own development centers — the ultimate model for efficiency, cost-savings, and quality development.

You pick the location

We place your hand-picked team in the location that best meets your needs — whether onshore, nearshore, or offshore.

Significant cost advantages

Our unique “virtual engineering team” model can translate to up to 60% in cost savings compared to the cost of hiring, housing, and retaining a similar team locally.

Great team, minimal upfront investment

When we help you build your team, you’re getting the best of all worlds — a long-term loyal group of employees, hired in the tightest of timelines, done with a minimal risk and no upfront investment.

Huge labor pool of experienced resources

We have access to a labor pool of more than 100,000 experienced IT professionals throughout Eastern Europe and Latin America with a wide range of technical skills and expertise.

Direct control and flexibility

Our approach allows you to have full control over technical and management decisions to be made according to your project needs and business objectives including quickly scaling your team up or down at a short notice.

Security and IP protection

We are committed to establishing a highly secure and confidential development environment to guarantee that all of your business and project data is protected and secure.

Complete integration with your team

Since you have full control in managing your team members you can fully integrate them into your existing team, ensuring team dynamics, engineering culture, company values and approach to work are shared across all teams.