We Love To Make Things Easy For Our Clients

Since 2010, BXGI has helped innovative companies scale their engineering and creative teams on-demand.

We connect our clients with top technology professionals from around the world.

We introduce you to engineers and designers who have deep expertise across a vast array of skills, languages, frameworks, tools and methodologies.


We go the extra mile. Let us show you how.

World-class Talent Pool, Available Now

We have access to a labor pool of millions of experienced technology professionals throughout United States, Eastern Europe and Latin America with a wide range of technical skills and expertise.

Hire in Days, not Months

Don't lose valuable time, revenue and market share waiting for missing technical and design talent to start your next project. Scale up your team with us and hire in days, not months.

Tech Talent at Every Price Range

We offer a full spectrum of hourly rates ranging from market-priced local/onsite talent to significantly discounted nearshore and offshore resources available at up to 50% off of regular market rates.

Your Teammates, Not Ours

Your BXGI hires directly join your team, just like any other full-time employees working either in your office or remotely from other locations. You are in charge at all times.

You Pick The Location

We place your hand-picked hires in the location that best meets your needs — be that in your office, elsewhere in U.S., or in one of our nearshore or offshore locations.

Top Quality Talent

We only work with and recommend for hire top tier candidates we've personally screened, tested, and/or worked with before.

We Sweat The Details

We handle all of the technical, logistical and legal aspects of recruiting and onboarding your team, and (for remote hires) house them in our own development centers — the ultimate model for efficiency, cost-savings, and quality development.

Security and IP Protection

We are committed to establishing a highly secure and confidential development environment to guarantee that all of your business and project data is protected and secure, including signing an NDA to protect the confidentiality of your engagement.

Joined At The Hip

Since you have full control in managing your team members you can fully integrate them into your existing team, ensuring team dynamics, engineering culture, company values and approach to work are shared across all teams.

Together We Will Find Your Next Rockstar Engineer

We help companies like yours build technical teams that deliver on your business goals.

Extend Your Reach

According to Global Developer Population and Demographic Study from Evans Data Corp., there are currently about 21 million professional software developers in the world, with only 3.87 million of those developers working in the US. This means that over 82% of all software developers are based outside of the US.

Partnering with BXGI enables our clients to extend their search for the most talented engineers and designers outside of their local labor markets by gaining access to an untapped labor pool of millions of experienced technology professionals throughout the US, Eastern Europe and Latin America with a wide range of technical skills and expertise.

Reduce Employee Turnover

According to PayScale's recent employee turnover report, the employee turnover rate in the IT industry is the highest among all industries surveyed, with most large technology companies reporting their average employee tenure from 1 to 2 years.

You will find it refreshing to know that your BXGI hires tend to measure their job tenure in years rather than months. Our average annual turnover rate is under 10% and the average employee tenure is 3.5 years.

We know our team members are our best asset. With very low turnover of your new hires, we are able to offer you the reliability of consistent and dependable service year-after-year.

Premium Technical Talent

Handpicked for you. Wherever you need it. Whenever you are ready.

Right in Your Office

Do you prefer your new team members to work onsite, right from your office? Not a problem, we can arrange for a local engineer or a designer to join your team onsite.

Around the Country

Are you open to a remote resource as long as (s)he is based in the U.S.? We can introduce you to scores of talented US-based engineers who'd love to work remotely for you.

In Your Timezone

A location of your remote resources is not important, but their timezone is? We can set you up with an awesome Canada, Mexico or Latin America-based technical resource.

And Beyond

Code quality is paramount, but you're looking for more attractive rates? We have a network of thousands of accomplished Eastern Europe-based engineers who'd love to join your team.

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